This morning I sat down to watch the news, and it seems like headline after headline was just heartbreaking:
9-11 Memorials
Colorado Wildfire
Afghanistan War
Explosion in California
and all the drama surrounding Terry Jones...

Go figure, on a day that should be about unity and coming together, people in our own backyard are divided over ones place of worship or what book of scripture you choose to read.

And today, as we mourn those lost, it is important we honor and celebrate those unsung heroes who were first to arrive on the scene and last to leave the wreckage.

Which is why, today of all days, is a great day for a Superhero cake!

This cake was made to celebrate the birthday of a local man who served in the United States Military and recently completed radiation and chemo treatment.

Cake: Superman!
Choco-Latte Cake (Rich Cocoa Cake with Chocolate Espresso Buttercream)
Cupcakes: Grey Ribbon (Brain Cancer Ribbon)
Peaches and Cream (Golden Butter Cake with a fresh Peach center with a Whipped Cream Buttercream)

So on a day like today, who is your hero?

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